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Sunday, June 12, 2005
  Lessons from Life Church

All churches have leaders. But how do I hinder my leaders, business women and men, the entrepreneurs from joining me in the spreading of the Gospel? How do I tie their hands from sharing God's Call to come out of Confusion? Or am I asking them to do the wrong things?
I'm pondering this . . .

One glaring lesson about Life Church is the caliber of their leadership team. Each one is a successful, experienced leader in their industry / field from the business world. When I asked Pastor Craig to comment about this, his statement was that one of his God-given gifts is the ability to "see God's call" on someone's life.

Thus, Pastor Craig found leaders to lead, and he preaches. He continues to point them in the direction that God is leading (vision casting), and his leadership team releases the volunteers, hires the needed staff, and allocates the resources to realize the vision. Profoundly simple, yet to see the results of a decade of this practice brings praise to God. This reminds me of two concepts I've heard before:

So what happens to God's Movement when this doesn't happen?

InMotion Break Out Question & Answer Session with Ministry Directors

Back stage tour with Desiree Good, Director of LifeKIDS Central Support
Under the Sea room

Lift High the Cross
The Jungle room
  God saw that it was very good . . .
LifeKids uses the Biblical theme of Creation as the theme for creating their worship experiences for the kids. Each room as the artistic theme of one of the seven days of Creation.

  Baby bugs
Created by Bruce Barry team from Wacky World Studios in Oldsmar, Florida.

  Mega Church coming to your neighborhood
What happens when a 5,000 pound elephant comes into your house?

Many pastors would have the same reaction of terror & fear to a mega church moving into their neighborhood.

For over 10 years the Hope Covenant Church has been building and growing. They started with about 50 people with a vision. And now they are at 500 in attendance.

But what happens when Life Church, also a affiliated with the Covenant denomination, plants their campus within 10 miles of Hope Covenant Church?

Is there turf protection? War over territory? You can't cross into my ZIP code?

Time will tell.

The team at Life Church says that they want to be team players. But what will that look like?

That's why the staff of Hope Covenant Church, and the denomination's president and other conference leaders came to In Motion - to work out the relationship with Life Church.
  God In Motion at Life Church
I first met Pastor Craig when he presented at Sprout Church Planter's Conference in Naperville, Illionois. We prayed together before he spoke, and I learned how God was In Motion through realizing His dream through Craig and his team.

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